Club Rules
Club rules

  1. Badminton shoes with non-marking, gum-rubber soles are the ONLY shoes allowed on our courts, with no exceptions.
  2. No scented body sprays/products are permitted, due to possible scent allergies and sensitivities.
  3. There is no smoking permitted on club property.
  4. The use of inappropriate or abusive language, as well as behaviour deemed inappropriate or harmful is not acceptable. The player may be asked to vacate the property, given the severity of the situation, without a refund of fees.
  5. All players play at their own risk and are personally liable for any damage that they do to our court flooring or other property. Please help us maintain our property to your best abilities.

Game Rules

  1. Drop-in players/members are allowed to play either 2 games (up to 21 points) or play 15 minutes at a time.
  2. Players who are part of a court rental group are not permitted to play on drop-in courts during their rental time. After their rental time is up, they are asked to pay the drop-in fee to continue playing on drop-in courts.
  3. Drop-in players/members are not permitted to place their rackets in the waiting line tubes if they are playing on the court already.
  4. If there are only two rackets in the first waiting tube, those two players may use their 15 minutes of court time as long as there are no other players waiting to play.
  5. If drop-in players are kicked off the court at court rental time, they will automatically be first in the waiting tube.
  6. There will be no singles games permitted if courts are full and players are waiting.