4 U Badminton would like to thank all participants for the 4 U Badminton Tournament (June – August, 2016).


A total of 16 teams battled over the course of two months, showcasing a great deal of promising matches!


Congratulations to all the winners!



Imran Mahmood & Mustansar Billah

Prize money of $260

Win-loss record: 14-0

Ratio of sets won: 96.55%


1st-runner up:

Ravi Chawla & Angela Jin

Prize money of $220

Win-loss record: 11-3

Ratio of sets won: 76.67%


2nd-runner up:

Ivan Chia & Elena Meng

Prize money of $160

Win-loss record: 11-3

Ratio of sets won: 70.97%


Stay tuned for updates about the next 4U Badminton Tournament season!


Register for 4 U Badminton Tournament_June 5th to Aug 27th, 2016

4 U Badminton Tournament

Tournament Rules:

Method of Competition:
– All games will be in doubles format, and all men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles will be put in one large pool.
– The games will be in all VS All format. i.e. each pair of players will be playing with every other pair in the pool

Registration and Schedule:
– Registration needs to be made before 11.59pm, 31st May by submitting the registration form online
– Registration fee for each pair of players will be $40, and payments need to be made to confirm registration. – Each players will be playing up to 3 games per week on their preferred time. 4 U badminton will assign and coordinate the time of plays once the registration is finished
– The first game will start on 5th June and the last game will be 27th August (12 weeks)

Schedule of the matches
We are doing our best to schedule your games to your preferred time slot that you selected when you registered online. The general rules are as follows:
– if your selected time slots overlap with your opponents choice, we will schedule your game on the overlapping slot.
– if you don’t show up at the scheduled time, you will lose the game and your opponent will walk over and get 1 game point.
– if you know you can’t show up at the time slot, please contact your opponent to schedule for another time within the same week (please ask me for email address).
– the default game times for morning, afternoon and night are 11pm, 2pm, 8pm.

Calculating the final rankings
We have a total of 20 registered doubles pairs. Each pair of players will play 19 games. After each matchup, please report your scores back to the front desk so that we can keep your record.
– The winner of each match will score 1 point and the loser will get 0 points.
– At the end of the season, we will count the best 16 out of 19 games.

Ranks and rewards:
– Players will be ranked by the number of wins, and top 3 players at the end of the season will be rewarded.

– The size of the cash pool will be determined by the number of registered players.

No shuttles will be provided
– Players are suggested to use Li-Ning A90 or equal quality shuttles

– A match consists of the best of 3 games of 21 points.
– At 20 all, the side which gains a 2 point lead first, wins that game.
– At 29 all, the side scoring the 30th point, wins that game.
– Equalizing scoring system is going to be applied. i.e. women’s doubles VS. men’s doubles starts the game from 8-0, and women’s doubles VS mixed doubles or mixed doubles vs men’s doubles starts the game from 5-0.

Questions and Answers:

Am I still able to join the league when the registration deadline passes?
Yes. You can still join the league before the end of the first round at the latest.

Do I need to pay drop-in fees when I play?