4 U Badminton Club Mississauga offers badminton racquet stringing service and racquet repair service. 1-hour turnaround stringing service with big collection of strings and tensions including Yonex and LiNing strings.  Call 416 800 7448 to make an appointment.

Badminton Racquet Stringing Service

stringing 1We provide badminton racquet stringing services designed for beginner through advanced players. We offer an excellent selection of strings for you to choose from. Need your racquets matched or customized? All of your racquets can be matched to your specifications for weight and balance.

When you break a string, you need it restrung fast. Our goal is to have a 24- hour turnaround time service for your stringing. Same day service is available by appointment.

We are confident about our stringing job, that is why we offer a warranty on our stringing service 7 days for any stringing job done by us with strings supplied by us and tension lower than 26lbs.

Badminton Stringing Service Pricing:

——$30 for most of our string collections (price includes string cost, labour and taxes)

——$35 includes string cost, labour and taxes for Yonex NBG80 NBG95 NBG98 NBG99 and LiNing #1

——$25 for Stringing labor if you supply your own string (with No warranty)

Badminton Racquet Repair (TBD)

badminton repairYour racquet is an extension of your hand on the court. As a result your racquet can suffer from quite a bit of damage. It’s frame may even crack! Cracks compromise the structural integrity of the racquet and risks the racquet breaking. Here at 4 U Badminton we offer repair of racquets and replacing of strings done quickly and on-site. (Pricing TBD)